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Friday, October 27, 2006. *
How much is a human life worth? Well, according to Macsteel Service Center USA, the value is something less than $2500. That's the amount of a fine that the Indiana Occupational Health & Safety Administration (IOSHA) imposed after David Pineda, a worker in the company's Hammond, Indiana, plant, died as a result of being crushed by falling steel beams. IOSHA concluded that unsafe workplace conditions, including the company's failure to implement a training program for crane operators, were responsible for the accident.

This is how the company describes itself on its own website:
As a single entity, Macsteel Service Centers USA has the strength of a billion dollar organization. That's the kind of clout we can use to bring our customers considerable benefits, including outstanding sourcing, a diverse and value-added product line, more flexibility in scheduling and competitive pricing.
Yet, this "billion dollar organization" is unwilling to pay a paltry $2500 to atone for killing one of its employees. I wonder if they even bothered to wipe the blood off the steel beams before delivering them to the customer?

(Thanks to Confined Space for the tip.)
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