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Tuesday, October 17, 2006. *

I went down to Stephanie's site and told her she still has to vote. If polling puts Republicans down in over 40 house seats and they win anyway then even the professional voting establishment (cough kos cough) might begin to suspect a rat. But probably not, sigh. (Kos after the election: "Yep! We gotta go far far right! I'm wearing a swastika and I'm deporting relatives now...! Only way to win. Only weirdos fight to fix the machines.") Anyway, from Richard King, who I wish would get a blog, gives us this from Mark Crispin Miller:

In response to a reader's question at markcrispinmiller. blogspot. com ("Briefly, what's being done to prevent voter-machine fraud for 2006 and 2008. What can dedicated individuals do?"), Miller writes:

As far as the next election is concerned, there's little we can do, as some 80% of the vote will be electronically cast or counted on Nov. 7. So it's necessary that we take these other steps:

A) Support the independent exit polls planned by the Election Defense Alliance, at http://www.election defensealliance. org/. [This is a vital project, as independent exit polling remains the last unvarnished source of accurate information in the age of electronic voting. These polls won't be retrofitted to jibe with the corporate media's anointed victors, but lots of money is needed quickly to make this project a success.]

B) Tell people that they must vote on Election Day, so that the national turnout is as high as possible. This will make another theft that much more difficult to spin.

C) Tell people that it's very likely that the GOP will "win" despite its vast unpopularity, so that they (the people) won't become demoralized by their apparent defeat.

D) Urge everyone to monitor the process in his/her own locale as carefully as possible. Get visuals, as w/ a video camera. Take careful note of any monkey business. [We would add that it's a good idea to create a publicly-available photo/video archive of any noteworthy events you happen to record.]

E) If you spot improprieties, or have a problem at the polls, be sure to call 1-866-OUR-VOTE, and contact the EDA (address above), and tell them everything. Keep a written record of your experience.

F) Get ready, psychologically, to stand with others in defiance of Bush/Cheney' s latest "victory." [In other words, expect the worst, but remember you don't have to accept the worst. At some point, the level of active resistance will have to grow significantly if real change is going to be made. A critical mass is building, as evidenced by the WCW actions in more than 230 cities nationwide last week. Start talking with your friends and neighbors about the logic of resistance, and make connections with those living near you!]

For more information of the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004, see www.markcrispinmill

Richard King, Ph.D.


www.verifiedvoting. org

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