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Sunday, October 08, 2006. *
The districts will be guarded by new auxiliary police made up of local militiamen. They will initially receive $70 (£37) a month, although it is hoped that this will rise to $120 to compete with the $5 per fighting day believed to be paid by the Taliban. “These are the same people who two weeks ago would have been vulnerable to be recruited as Taliban fighters,” said Richards.

So the Brits will pay me $70 and maybe $120 while the Taliban will pay me $150. Hmmm...
Then again why not take the $70-$120 AND take the $150? Now that could be a good deal. Lets see the local drug lord maybe he is willing to even add to that.

Idiots ...

Or perhaps, the only thing better than owning your own team is owning the team who step up against em as well.
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