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Tuesday, October 31, 2006. *
With the election more than a week away, Dick DeVos has spent more in his quest to become governor -- $39 million, as of Oct. 20 -- than both major party candidates spent four years ago.

But what's really impressive (or appalling, or simply curious, depending on your perspective) is that $35 million of that total -- seven out of every eight dollars the DeVos campaign has spent to pitch camp in our living rooms since last February -- has come out of the candidate's own pocket.


For more than a decade, DeVos and his wife and the tax-exempt foundation they control have funneled millions of dollars to conservative Christian groups that seek to promote school prayer, public assistance for religious education, the criminalization of abortion and the prohibition of embryonic stem cell research, among other causes.

DeVos says he is running for office to promote an economic agenda. But as governor he would be in a position to advance nearly every one of the social agenda items that have preoccupied his adult life -- and there's simply no reason to believe he has suddenly lost interest in doing so.
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