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Thursday, October 12, 2006. *
Baghdad: US troops took a former Iraqi minister who holds US citizenship from a Baghdad court yesterday after he was sentenced to two years in jail for misusing public money, Iraqi officials said.

The troops whisked Ayham Al Samarraie, a Sunni Arab who served in the first post-war interim government of Prime Minister Eyad Allawi, from the courtroom in the central criminal court building after he expressed fears for his life, the officials said.

So much for the new Iraqi justice system. what a scene, they wait til the sentence comes down and barge into the courtroom and whisk the guy away! WHEN iRAQI'S STAND UP, WE'LL STAND DOWN...LOL what hypocrisy

The case could be politically embarrassing for Washington, which has repeatedly stressed the independence of the Iraqi judiciary and the sovereignty of the government.

ya think?
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