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Monday, September 11, 2006. *
The World Can't Wait - Neither Can We
Saw this and thought I'd pass it along to the American Samizdat readers:
8 days to begin to change how the world sees us!

It's 9-11, and what has been shoved into world news this week? U.S. torture camps, justified by the Bush regime, and about to be accepted by Congress. Do we want to be seen by the world as torturers?

George Bush goes to the United Nations on Tuesday, September 19 to announce "we're doing this all over again" - this time in Iran. What is the world going to see that day? There is the possibility of something different beginning to show itself in this country...

On September 19, the World Can't Wait will publish a full page ad in USA Today, the nation's largest circulation daily, saying "Bring the Bush Crimes to a Halt!" and joining with the protests of Bush at the United Nations, and with people acting around the country on "Bush Crimes Day". The ad will contain the Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime, announce mass protests on Thursday, October 5 to millions of people, and spread the spirit of "history will judge us sharply if we fail to act to stop this."

No one is going to send this message to the world for us. WE must do it.

Debra Sweet
National Coordinator
The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime

Be part of acting, wherever you are, by donating. $104,000 needed by Friday September 15. $500,000 by Thursday, September 21.

Forward this email to 10 of your friends with a personal note on why you are contributing.

Hold a fund-raising house party. Show a DVD of the Bush Crimes Commission hearings. Order here []

Do you have the resources to make or raise larger donations of money or stock? Contact World Can't Wait Development Director Samantha Elena Goldman. []

1300+ organizers for regime change gathered last Thursday to plan October 5 protests in 50 cities.

24 days until October 5! Join in Innovative and Bold Outreach and Massive Fund-raising

Props to Betsy Angert of Be-Think.
posted by Don Durito at 12:03 PM
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