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Sunday, September 10, 2006. *
AM-NY Review (not posted yet online)
***1/2 9/11: THE PRESS FOR TRUTH
Documentary by Ray Nowosielski

By Jay Carr
The anti-Bush backlash will be stoked by "9/11: The Press for
Truth." Ray Nowosielski's documentary tranchantly makes the point that the Bush regime has a lot to answer for, starting with why it didn't take seriously the many pre-9/11 warnings of an imminent terrorist attack involving aircraft. It adds that the 9/11 Commission investigation was stonewalled by
the administration, that it wasn't until public pressure generated by
the 9/11 widows nicknamed The Jersey Girls that administration officials grudgingly testified, and then minimally, with Bush and Dick Cheney agreeing to do so only behind closed doors and not under oath.

Was there a cover-up? The film asks, riding the book "The Terror
Timeline" by Paul Thompson, who shames most other so-called journalism
by digging into available material and asking pointed questions. One of
the most explosive has to do with the assertion that the money for the
9/11 hijackers was funnelled through the head of Pakistani intelligence,
and that
this was covered up, as was Osama bin Laden's escape into Pakistan when
Tora Bora was surrounded on only three sides and an air corridor to
Pakistan was left open. It's hard to dispute the film's conclusion that
without candor, without answers, without accountability, our
understanding of 9/11 remains frustratingly incomplete, whether by
administration design or not.
*9/11: Press for Truth*
Directed by: Ray Nowosielski
Screenplay by: Kyle F. Hence and Ray Nowosielski
Distributor: The Disinformation Company
Runtime: 85 min
Rating: NR
Year: 2006

/Al Franken: God Spoke/
may or may
not give Ann Coulter a headache, but /9/11: Press for Truth/ will give
her a fucking migraine. Ray Nowosielski's film begins as a portrait of
the Jersey Girls, a group of four 9/11 widows---Kristen Breitweiser,
Patty Casazza, Lorie Van Auken, and Mindy Kleinberg---instrumental in
drumming up support from both sides of the political aisle for what
would eventually become the 9/11 Commission. Despite Coulter's vulgar
accusations that these bipartisan women enjoyed the deaths of their
husbands, it's clear that that the only satisfaction these obviously
pained women seek is an acknowledgement of blame from our government for
insufficiently acting on its pre-9/11 intelligence. With the help of
Paul Thompson, author of the comprehensive /The Terror Timeline/, and an
arsenal of media footage at his disposal, Nowosielski catalogs
frustration after frustration, effortlessly illuminating that 9/11 was
more than just a "failure of imagination." But the title of the film
refers not only to the Jersey Girls' vigilant demand for truth but to
the media's own refusal to push for truth after 9/11 for fear of
retribution from higher powers. This is where the film reveals its
complexity, except Nowosielski makes the mistake of indulging trite
scare-mongering tactics, from his use of scary-movie music on the
soundtrack to frequent cutaways to a CGI wall of television sets
ostensibly meant to evoke the media's Orwellian control of our
(dis)information. These lapses make a smart documentary appear awfully

Ed Gonzalez
? slant magazine, 2006.
watch the trailer Full movie online... FUCK ABC!

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