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Saturday, September 02, 2006. *
I think Rove was always overestimated in the first place. When Repubs were polled lower than Dems before a number of past elections since 2000 and then came out on top - I think this was due to election tampering, yet Rove got the credit. I've heard several people bring that up again in regards to the next election, "Polls showed Republicans losing before past elections, but they ended up winning with a big margin." Sure, when you can just dial in to the Diebolds and swap numbers, it's easy, huh?

However, some speculate that GOP election-tampering only works if the vote is close. If it happens again this election, that everyone expects the GOP to lose big and they win big - will the public finally want the election process/machines looked at, or will Rove once again be applauded as the neo-Machiavelli?
posted by Dr. Menlo at 10:22 AM
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