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Tuesday, September 12, 2006. *
In 1969, the United States Senate Subcomittee on Communications convened to discuss proposed budget cuts for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting A little-known (at the time) children's television show host named Fred Rogers appeared before the committee and delivered a quiet but passionate defense of moral and educational television for the young. This has been posted before here at amsam, but what was not commented on at the time, was that ten years later, Mister Rogers again entered public affairs when he testified before the Supreme Court in favor of the Sony Betamax during the landmark Sony Corp. v. Universal Studios and in particular his understanding of social conditioning and programingof the young. "Very frankly, I am opposed to people being programmed by others." He knew who made the grass green.

I often wonder what will define the post 911 generation, i.e., the coming of age, children born within these last five years, etc, and of what they will be like.

Students remember Bush's 'My Pet Goat' visit on 9/11

Hitlers Children-Walt Disney cartoon (Banned)

Thank you ABC/Disney.

Gerhard Rempel was known to say, "the children, get the the children by four or five and you have them for life..." On how to create Nazi Youth. It's all about imprinting and social conditioning.
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