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Tuesday, September 12, 2006. *
There are Muslim religious leaders in Pakistan who argued that a woman who has been raped has to have four male witnesses to prove it, otherwise she will be punished as an adulterer. But it gets sicker - they won that argument.

Pakistan just decided to leave rape within the jurisdiction of religious law. And since the literal reading of the Koran on this issue is vile, reprehensible and dead wrong, now women in Pakistan can pretty much be raped at will. Just make sure there are only three other male witnesses anytime you rape a woman in Pakistan, and you're home free.

Plus, for kicks, the sick religious leaders in Pakistan will punish the woman instead.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Islam is a religion of peace. My ass. Have you ever read the Koran? Just like the Bible, it is wildly contradictory and dripping in blood. Work with Christians and Jews in one verse, slaughter them in the next.

Before you Christians get all cocky and self proud about how Muslims are violent and Christians are holy, let me be clear - the only religion more violent than Islam in history is Christianity. Forget the Crusades, how about the Inquisition? How about the wholesale massacre of Native Americans? How about the enslavement of millions for centuries? How about World War I? How about the Holocaust? The German army in the Second World War had this slogan chiseled into their buckle belts: Got mit uns - God is with us!

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posted by Trevor Blake at 12:38 PM
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