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Sunday, November 27, 2005. *
The best news this week, I think, is the Canadian government's $4.3 billion (US) plan to fight poverty in native communities, and the agreement to pay out $1.7 billion in restitution to victims of abuse at residential schools. I'm interested in seeing how the Canadian program goes, because I've always been conflicted about the best way to approach the continued injustices faced by natives in the United States. The US has still not issued a formal apology for its crimes against humanity (germ warfare, etc.), so I suppose that would be a good place to start. At least Canada is moving in the right direction, I hope we can learn something from them.

Regardless of what you may think of the Democratic Party, it's a good thing to have an organized opposition party in Washington. This week, the Christian Science Monitor tracks the progress the Dems have made towards becoming a more unified party. This is one of the practical outcomes of Bush's abysmal approval ratings: Dems are more comfortable opposing Republican policies.

This week and late last week the GOP's had to tone down their attacks on war supporters. With public sentiment firmly anti-war, it makes no sense for the White House to continue the party line that opposing the war is un-Patriotic. Bush and Cheney have both admitted publicly that those who question of the wisdom of the war can still be patriots. And of course, Jean Schmidt has been trying to weasel out of calling John Murtha a coward.

The ACLU has taken the “Denver Three” case, so finally we are seeing some legal challenge to the outrageous lengths the administration has taken to limit free speech during the electoral process.

- Rose Colored News.

This week's headlines:


Canada outlines native cash deal.

Abuse payout for Canadian natives.

GOP loses an asset: ‘purple’ Democrats.

“Mean Jean” back peddling on “coward” comment.

Former DeLay lacky cops plea.

ACLU takes “Denver Three” case.


Illinois Law Offers Coverage for Uninsured Children.

Bruce Sterling on pandemics.

Inflatable buildings may fight against flu pandemic.

HIV Rates Decline Among US Minorities.


Pakistan exceeds aid target.
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