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Monday, November 18, 2002. *
A NY Times article A Snooper's Dream (sign in required) give more information about Total Information Awareness
"The program, known as Total Information Awareness, is a project of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which helped develop the Internet and a host of cutting-edge military technologies. It is run by John Poindexter, the retired Navy rear admiral who was Ronald Reagan's national security adviser and, in that capacity, helped devise the plan to sell arms to Iran and illegally divert the proceeds to the rebels in Nicaragua. Sentenced to six months in jail for lying to Congress (a conviction later overturned on appeal), the admiral was never particularly contrite about his deceit, asserting at one point that it was his duty to withhold information from the American people."
"Mr. Poindexter is pursuing a scheme he thought up right after 9/11 and then sold to the Bush administration."
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