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Saturday, March 12, 2011. *

Wonder why...

All indications are That Japans Fukushima Daiichi No. 1 Reactor is Experiencing a Melt Down

Japan radiation leaks feared as nuclear experts point to possible cover-up

I learned long ago if these motherfuckers say it's black, you know it's white. Don't trust these lying dogs with nothing this serious, EVER.

Exclusive: Nuclear test ban agency has valuable radiation monitoring data from Japan nuclear accident -- but can't share them - March 14, 2011

So why the fuck isn't this information public?

Updates, b @ MOA is all over this..(Recent MoA Posts)look to the left of the page

Also, Forecast map shows radiation nearing U.S. — South of Alaska in less than a week: Hong Kong Observatory

An officer at the Hong Kong Observatory shows a forecast trajectory of radiation releases from Japan. Indicators in red triangles, blue squares and green stars project wind directions of different altitudes 500 metres, 1,500 metres and 3,000 metres respectively.

posted by Uncle $cam at 4:18 PM
Blogger m said...
Hard to know exactly what they mean by this graph, but by far the most likely intent is that a human in these bands would be exposed to that amount of radiation. The LD50, or the lethal dose for 50% of the population is 600 rads, so they are claiming that more than half of the population on the west coast would receive a lethal dose -- not at all a reasonable or even potential prognostication.
1:47 PM  
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