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Sunday, November 07, 2010. *
Infinite ThŲught

There is a war going on, for sure, everywhere and at all times, from the macro-level to the tiniest of micro-interactions. This resentment, the resentment encouraged everywhere and at all times against those who are trying to salvage beneficial things from the demented onslaught of British political idiocy; the resentment against those who protest; the resentment, above all, against those who do not themselves resent. For this is the unforgivable thing: surely we must resent those who do not work, or those who do, but weren’t born here? Surely we must care, above all, about minimising our tax bills, about selfishly protecting those we love at all costs…the work done on people to get them to hate others, to feel personally aggrieved when others appear to be stealing their enjoyment, is a relentless operation. It must be possible to make visible the faulty supports of this resentment, somehow. It takes a great deal of work to get someone to stop caring about other people, to hate strangers; we need a similar propulsive force to reverse this much leech-like of affects. The theoretical and convincing de-personalisation of the structures of everyday life in the name of a re-personalisation of politics. ...(more)

How do we express what cannot be said?

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