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Saturday, June 07, 2008. *
On June 6, 2008 the SF Chronicle printed an LATimes story that a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation on the White House's misuse of prewar intelligence has finally resulted in the conclusion voiced by the committee chairman, Sen. Jay Rockefeller: "Sadly, the Bush administration led the nation into war under false pretenses."

The SF Chronicle's headline with this momentous indictment was-
'White House scolded on prewar claims' ...scolded? SCOLDED?

Juxtaposed were two other stories on the same full page spread-

'9/11 Mastermind wants to die' - (this is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed who was tortured)
'Air Forces top leaders fired.' - (this was allegedly for a couple of nuclear mistakes, a flight with nukes and a shipment of the wrong parts)

You can see the news cycle management timing meant to take the focus off the White House's illegal war and use headlines to manipulate the casual reader into thinking that 9/11 thing has been all cleaned up now with perps apprehended and air cover restored.

Yet more news diversions today which even used keyword hijacking:

The NYTimes sent me an email news alert not about this big 'intel' story but something else- News Alert
News Alert: Intel Said to Be Facing Antitrust Investigation

Oh, any intel story is the same as another, I guess. Ahem.

The SF Chronicle reported that a DHS investigator is going to reopen the case of the US torturing a Canadian citizen named Maher Arar by sending him to Syria for this abuse.

But the front page of Yahoo internet today featured another Canadian 'controversy'-

Hockey Song Outrage
A beloved song, as familiar to Canadians as their anthem, may be permanently benched. » Why

* Report: NHL thwarts billionaire
* Red Wings gear
* All-time champs

Oh, any Canadian story is the same as another, I guess. Ahem.

This kind of diversionary news cycle management to downplay government liabilities happens every damn day. Psyops is the daily norm in mainstream media.
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