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Sunday, June 08, 2008. *
There are a ton of really useful videos that I've found during the last week that you might find very interesting.

Christopher Hitchens on Mormonism, part one and two. Remember: Hitchens is correct about atheism and completely wrong about Iraq. Vice versa where Chris Hedges is concerned.

New video about growing oil from algae. The only problem here is that these look like they're owned by the oil industry. But there are 16 of them so...we're looking for one independent that will allow us to grow our own.

New video about Guy Negre's air car. Ignore that asshole Glenn Beck. Also: aircar youtube site is here.

Rumors about Obama. Features nice Ray Charles vocal. Related: Anti McCain ad features scary exorcist music and Bond Villain foreboding.

From Democracy Now recently:

Owner of Free Press Speaks (McChesney), David "You Can't Handle The Truth" Iglesias on not prosecuting democratic party voter fraud, New David Sirota Book, New Book About Blackwater, Spies for Hire (new book), and Big Israel/Palistinian debate.These are just segments, for the most part, for longer interviews. Use your discretion.

From the Real News recently:

AIPAC and the American Right, Danny Glover's Very Cool Math Program for Minorities, Cluster Bombs segment (love this Real News commentator by the way), Arctic Powers Fight Over Resources (This can't be an accident. Did they want global warming to get at the resources?)


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