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Thursday, November 01, 2007. *

What Chris Dodd is doing very cool but it does bring up the point that if it only takes one senator to stop any particular bill then dems could stop the war in the US Senate. Where is the principled Feingold on this? What's really stopping Barack or Hillary. I mean, I guess this is why we own California and the west because no one filibusters imperialist land grabs but still...

Ted Rall hits it right on the mark. Here's what Ted said:

"Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut unwittingly exposed the Democrats' Big Lie on Iraq: that they need support from Republicans to stop the war. In fact, any senator can place a "hold" on any piece of legislation. They can even do it anonymously if they're afraid of the political ramifications of their action! So, the next time you hear on TV that the Democrats "need" 60 votes in the Senate to override Bush's threatened veto, don't believe it. And write to the network to demand an immediate correction

Related: Not as angry as you might think vagina monologues author makes same point but she's talking 40 senators. Just takes one

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