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Monday, September 03, 2007. *
What exactly is wrong with a man going into a men's room looking for anonymous sex?

Why is it illegal?

Who cares?

Egregious crimes have been committed by uncountable numbers of our high elected officials that have resulted in the death, dismemberment, immolation, starvation and poisoning of millions of people, and so far not ONE of them has spent a minute behind bars. Few have even lost their jobs.

But one guy goes for a quick weenie wank and from our duly elected representatives and the pimp media erupts a deafening ubiquitous self-righteous roar.

What's most frightening about the Larry Craig debacle is not about getting hit on in the crapper, it's that there are actually POLICE hiding in toilets everywhere, waiting to bust us.
posted by Uncle $cam at 10:45 AM
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