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Thursday, February 01, 2007. *
Few including the administration, can define what "victory" would be in Iraq. I submit that the real reason for this is that it does not exist and cannot be attained. Not by US and "coalition" forces, not by Shi'ites, not by Sunnis, not by al-Qaeda. Everyone has lost. US forces should not be "redeployed". All US military bases in other countries must be abandoned and all assets withdrawn inside US borders. All forces, including private mercenary companies like Blackwater, must stand down from foreign adventurist action. US military effort must be directed to only defend our people on our soil against real and present danger. US "interests" elsewhere must be abandoned when those interests conflict with the legitimate interests of the people who live there. Invitation by those people to the US to contribute forces and/or other assets to local or regional struggles must be resisted and usually rejected. We must finally limit the use of military force anywhere at any time for any reason except to defend all the American people living in America. "Isolationism?" You bet. It means that we will practice and promote only peace . . . [full article at P!]
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