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Thursday, February 08, 2007. *
According to exclusive information of "Diplomatia", shock, awe, and panic grieped the Headquarters of the Greek Air Force yesterday, February 5, 2007, when radars detected a large formation of military aircraft flying inside the FIR of Athens, heading from Israel to Carpathos (a greek island, south west of Rhodes, cm).

Immediately two pairs of F-16s of the Greek Air Force scrambled from Crete to identify the invaders.

They were a formation of military aircraft of Israel consisting of 7 Boeing 703 (refurbished Boeing 707) tankers, 1 Golfstream electronic warfare aircraft, and 25 F-15 Strike Eagle and F-16 fighters, flying at altitudes of 22-44,000 feet.

The Israeli formation turned and departed towards Israel 12 miles southeast of Carpathos, after having flown for 20 minutes inside the FIR of Athens.

Looks like the Israeli are training a bit for a "long reach" attack ... You know, if we wont do it they will kinda thing...

p.s. Dr. Menlo, using the new blogger has become a royal pain in the ass, not only do I have to sign in twice using my old account, and my new one, but once I post, the page never, ever loads, I get 'publishing in progress' and it just stays there. Finally, I have tried to post a couple of topics using youtube and it just will not work. This along with having to take out the preset bullshit text in every post is more than it's worth, it takes to long. Is there anything you can do? Because it really discourages me from posting more often.
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