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Tuesday, January 09, 2007. *

The ritual of stoning is codified in the Islamic Penal Code of Iran. Treated like a Muslim corpse, the victim, usually a woman, is washed and wrapped in shrouds. She is then buried in a ditch up to her shoulders and then stoned by a crowd surrounding her. The stones should be neither too small nor too large, but just the right size to guarantee a gradual and excruciating death. Although a man, too, might be sentenced to stoning for adultery, the legitimacy of polygamy and extra-marital sex (sigheh) often allows men to escape punishment. [...] Stop Stoning Forever is a campaign to end the Iranian law making stoning a legal punishment for adultery. Soheila Vahdati says this new push needs American popular support, but should not be confused with official U.S. policy toward Iran.

[Here's a heartwarming success story from Stop Stoning Forever: 'Najaf A. is being held in Adel-Abad prison in Shiraz. He is charged with adultery and is sentenced to stoning. Gholamhossein Raeesi, one of the lawyers representing Najaf A., said that her client will not be stoned and will receive 99 lashes.' Hooray for the religion of peace.]
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