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Tuesday, January 09, 2007. *
Fool Me Once
As recently as 5 January 2006 (four days ago) the Bush administration said that Bush had never met Jack Abramoff. Here is the photograph proving otherwise. On 28 June 2005 (eighteen months ago) Bush said "sending more American [troops to Iraq] would undermine our strategy" [text] [video] and now he says he is sending more troops to Iraq. Bush lies, got it.

What matters much more is why a large number of people with ready access to the fact they are being lied to are not objecting to being lied to. Why do 'the masses,' the 'working class,' 'the people' endure and even prefer being lied to? Why do they prefer the decisiveness of tyrants over the compassion of democracy? Why does religion still exist? This is a question for anyone but particularly for those who claim that 'the people' are the hope of a better world. It sure seems like no amount of deception or oppression leads 'the people' to overthrow their rulers, and that 'the people' aren't the ones I should turn to in my hopes for a better world.

No points at all for saying 'the people' are tricked and undereducated, because that doesn't explain why you and I weren't tricked and undereducated too.
posted by Trevor Blake at 6:36 AM
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