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Monday, October 16, 2006. *
For brother pcdc

If your from America, your a racist or a fucking lair, because racism is encoded in our language & culture on various and deep levels most do not even begin to understand.

Yes, I'm I rascist, but you can bet everyday of my life I try to deprogram my self.

As an anthropologist, I could go into all the ways we see racism, identity, adaptation, complex taxonomy based on DNA cluster analysis etc..,that would boggle your mind. I'll save you the lecture, however, know that the ideal of boundry markers and White ethnic issues are Invisible to most Whites. They can't even see their own, how could they distinguish from anothers.

If, infact, you are interested in educating yourself about the nuance's I'd suggest Tim Wise, author of White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged son (audio) Give it a listen, then we can dialogue.

Finally, AAPA Statement on Biological Aspects of Race

"ultimately, cultural relativism is about freedom of thought" (p. 133)~Culture of Intolerance: Chauvinism, Class, and Racism in the United States by Mark Nathan Cohen.
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