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Tuesday, March 28, 2006. *
Israeli Election;Likud Faces Resounding Defeat
Rightwing forces in Israel led by Likud have been relegated to last place(hurray).At least according to the latest exit-polls.

Kadima founded by Sharon(A former member of Likud), which proposes unilateral withdrawal from parts of the West Bank by 2010 has come out on top with near 29 seats(24%) with Labour in second,22 seats or 20% of the vote.

Hopefully this marks a new begining in Israeli politics.This blog can only hope that the idea of "Greater Israel" has run it's course.But I am still trouble by Kadima's statement that it will only withdraw from parts of the West Bank.

Whats needed is a unilateral withdrawal to the 67 borders as proposed and supported by the UN along with most world governments.If such a move was undertaken there would be peace overnight.It is that simple!

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posted by Dirk Buchholz at 1:00 PM
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