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Wednesday, November 27, 2002. *
Marion "Pat" Robertson, pastor of the warblogging flock, continues to draw wild generalizations, saying that Muslims "want to kill the Jews and they also consider America the Great Satan, and they want to kill us. It's just that simple," though he later said that he "knew plenty of Muslims who were lovers of peace," thus unambiguously contradicting himself.

In an earlier Washington Times piece, Robertson reported regretting George W. Bush's pronouncement of Islam as "a religion of peace," saying of Bush that "He is not elected as chief theologian," obvious as Bush wasn't properly elected at all.

In an interview with CNN's Martin Savidge, Robertson then revealed his lack of familiarity with both doctrinal Christianity and practical Islam, and clarified that his exception was not so much with the "President's" phrasing as with the Koran itself.

Some days earlier a prominent idiot offered his support to Robertson, the letter offering same was then posted to Robertson's website, presumably to suggest that the business community likewise is ignorant of and prejudiced against Islam.

Yet Pat, Ralph Reed, and the Christian Coalition are as popular as ever, both in America and

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