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Wednesday, August 21, 2002. *
Towards a Sustainable Internet? What are the Costs of Blogging?

The WWF has just recently released what amounts to a free book (in .pdf) investigating all the relevant data on how the development of a global ICT network -- what we're involved in here (i.e. blogosphere) -- is affecting the campaign for a planet free from oppression and the various pathologies resulting from unsustainable production / consumption cycles.

This book from the WWF hopes to present the hard facts as best they can in the hope that the debate around ICT (which is here to stay regardless) and the future of the planet (which may not be) can be moved beyond the polarized factions of love and hate to the level of an informed discussion amongst the civilian population and enlightened policy formation. Of course, for this to be possible in a world of transnational capitalism, it means pressure on the companies, organizations and states that are in charge of the industry. Thus, the WWF has also put together this list (.pdf) of the 50 key players who can influence the future in this regard.
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