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Saturday, August 24, 2002. *
the most dangerous man in America...
happens to be G. W. Bush, if only that vast & ignorant
herd of citizens would wake up and pay attention.
Two items, culled from many, relating to another of the
great mistakes being made by the current administration;
from the N.Y. Times, both by Nicholas D. Kristof,
Bush vs. Women;
Shaming Young Mothers.
then please hie thyself to the U.N. Population Fund site,
where you can choose to join us in attempting to make up for the short-sightedness
of the present administration by supporting the efforts of these concerned citizens,
because it isn't just about birth control you know, it's about HIV/AIDS education &
prevention, family planning, it's just about being humane, teaching peace,
taking some responsibility for the welfare of one another....

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